Tales Told by Old Rails

From the Article

[...] as years go by, people knowledgeable about Canada’s railways are becoming as few in number as the branchlines and overgrown sidings where early rail might be rescued.

Consider yourself wandering through a collection of intriguing objects. You want to know more than a simple specimen name – the intrigue is in its journey – its biography. Each object has hidden relationships with others on display – even has its own stories about who collected it and why, as well as possible stories about manufacture and transport.

Factor all this into every donation you may make – its story should be prepared to accompany each rail. As stewards of steel, this is our ultimate purpose.

Awards & Recognition

Awarded Best Article by the Canadian Railroad Historical Association at the 2020 Exporail Awards

“The use of poetical quotes and a casual style inspires a sense of romance into an esoteric subject. Rail fans really enjoyed it.”

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