WetCoast Words A Dictionary of British Columbia Words and Phrases

About the Book

As recorded on The Globe and Mail National Bestseller List, compiled using sales figures from 500 bookstores across Canada:

  • #1 in the non-fiction category, 16 December 1989
  • #9 in the non-fiction category, 23 December 1989

WetCoast Words is a compilation of BC expressions, including both historic and current language, and modelled on popular dictionaries of Canadianisms and other regional dialects, with a forward by Cariboo author Paul St. Pierre. Mr. Parkin is now working on a children’s book, due for release next fall.”

Nanaimo Daily Free Press
23 December 1989

In 1981 Mr. Parkin appeared as a witness in a minor court case and was asked a question pertaining to the Ministry of Highways. Unwittingly, he referred to the ministry as the ‘Ministry of Holidays’ — a long standing euphemism used to poke fun at the apparently lazy workmen on the provincial highway system. The courtroom broke into laughter and took several minutes to come back to order. ‘It was then,’ says the author, ‘that I could see how effective words really are.’”

Lasha Seniuk
British Columbia Report

11 December 1989

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