The Ghost Town of Donald, B.C.

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Young deaths were statistically horrendous in those days.

Even the local doctor could not help his own children, brother and sister born just over a year apart. Another little stone, without any name, simply says “Darling, We Miss Thee.” I was touched by this setting as a whole.

Although a finger board on the Trans-Canada Highway marks the turnoff to this site, it is not a tourist attraction. Who comes here nowadays? Do families remember the Campbells, the Hartes, and the Frasers, or others here? Do any readers have family stories or photos of early Donald which they would like to share? If so, I would be pleased to respond.

And next time you pass by, consider whether you have an extra hour to deke into Donald and see this cemetery for yourself.

Use caution walking across the track. It can be a poignant place to educate children about the significance of the railway in our western history, and of the individuals who contributed to the society that we have achieved today. Even if you’re not remembering anyone in particular, you will find it interesting.

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