Stikine Solo Adventure Canoeing on the Stikine

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I spent several days in the area photographing places of historical interest and exploring the landscape.

One such location was Glenora. John Muir came here by dugout canoe in 1879. I repeated his ascent of Glenora Mountain, obtaining magnificent views of the valley he called “a Yosemite 100 miles long.”

* * *

The current was fast and smooth and very dirty. It was so quiet that I could hear sand hissing along the bottom of my Old Town canoe. With eyes closed I could tell my rate of travel, for on low gradients the water would not support the particles, and the hiss diminished.

In faster water it sounded like a den of wintering snakes, and in upwellings the heavier particles tinkled as if the canoe had a leak where water was trickling in.

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