Islands for Discovery An Outdoors Guide to B.C.’s Queen Charlotte Islands

About the Book

Islands for Discovery presents an intimate look at the Queen Charlotte Islands – the outdoors enthusiast’s Shangri La off the west coast of British Columbia.

Islands for Discovery provides detailed information on the geography, natural history and history of 23 of the most interesting areas to visit in the Charlottes. Maps and many colour and black and white photographs complete the picture. This is the book for anyone planning a trip to the “Misty Isles”.

Praise for Island for Discovery:

My sincere congratulations on your book Islands for Discovery. [...] you have persevered to produce an attractive and well researched book. I will promote it widely.”

R. Wayne Campbell
Curator, Royal B.C. Museum
Order of British Columbia

With its maps, drawings, color and black-and-white photos and wide-ranging text, it's a bargain that every visitor to the islands — and everyone interested in them — should have. Horwood and Parkin have put together about all the layman needs to know and in a highly digestible form.”

Tony Eberts, outdoor/environment columnist
The Province
newspaper, Vancouver, BC

Tom Parkin and Parks Canada naturalist Dennis Horwood have produced a natural history guide, Islands for Discovery, with maps, photos and illustrations for outdoor and armchair travellers. Once followed by killer whales during a research trip, the two authors beached their 12-foot inflatable boat and enjoyed a memorable shoreline encounter.

‘We felt like we had been chosen to spend time with them,’ Parkin recalls, ‘We began to sing and the whales gathered up in a line offshore, about 30 to 40 feet away, lying on the surface listening to us. After about half an hour they became disinterested. It was like trying to speak in a foreign language. They knew we had something to say but we couldn't communicate it.’”

BC Bookworld, Summer 1989
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