C.P.R.’s Branchline Below Water A Story of the Now-Submerged Arrow Lake Subdivision

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The last man alive who ran steam on the Arrowhead branchline is Jack Buller, now 98 and a citizen of Florida. He was on the fireman’s spare board in 1946-49, and shares these memories of firing C.P.R. 444:

“She was easy to keep the steam up . . . burning coal, firebox door had a latch and chain to pull to open, shovel in some coal and get back on my seat. Turning the engine on the turntable was an all hands event. The trip was a lot of fun; whistle blowing, waving at the locals, old 444 rocking to port and starboard at 20 mph and loving it . . . Toonerville Trolley stuff.”

Some other historical research I’ve done was covered by well-known blogger Larry Pynn (formerly of the Vancouver Sun) writing from Maple Bay here on Vancouver Island.

The Arrowhead branchline once ran along the foot of the far mountains, here south of Revelstoke, BC.

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