Assignment: Dead Men

From the Article

Omer Lavallée mentioned several such lost employees in a Spanner magazine dated February 3, 1982. Let us not forget them and others who once served our railways.

Where, and while still possible, railfans might consider photo documentation of such remains, and then provide enduring evidence to appropriate archives or museums. On September 6, 1883, the Inland Sentinel warned us, even during the midst of CPR construction, of the need for memory:

There’s a stone at its head, but it speaks not a word
Of the long sleeping one beneath it interred;
A bright flower bed is still blooming where
I know it was planted with tenderest care.
But that hand is gone; not more will it till
And brighten this lone little grave on the hill.

The silence in the pioneer cemetery at Savona, BC, is disturbed only slightly by the passing of a grain train on CN’s main line to the south, on June 17, 2022. Contributor Tom Parkin challenges others to seek out and record the gravesites of those who built the railways through BC. Photo by Tom W. Parkin

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